What is QQ Farming?

The cultivation way by using QQ technology.

QQ Farming is a cultivation method which using QQ technology.

It is a totally pesticide-free cultivation that returns soil and plants to its
original healthy condition, reviving nature's power without using any medicine.


QQ Farming focused on four unique technologies:

[Correction and maintenance of fungi in the soil.] [Strengthening resistance of plants to disease.] [Method of repelling and exterminating pests
without harming humans and livestock.] [Improvement in quality and increases in yield.]

Correction and maintenance of fungi in the soil

QQ farming is based on humic acid processed components, with specific polysaccharides extracted from soil organisms and mushrooms through the catalytic effect of the minerals sulfur and magnesium.

It acts primarily to correct the balance of soil bacteria among filamentous fungi, actinomycetes, and bacteria. In order to strongly inhibit the growing of pathogens, such as nematodes and filamentous fungi, and creating a healthy environment for plant growth.

Normal cultivation

The color saturation of leaves was low.

Leaves hung down.

Root was withering.

There were no sprouting.

QQ Farming

The color saturation of leaves was high

Leaves hung up

Plenty of energetic leaves grew

New buds appeared

(Hirokawa Town, Fukuoka Prefecture)

Usage examples at Gerbera Gardens suffering from Fusarium fungi

Strengthening resistance of plants to disease

QQ farming uses the compounding of plant sugar and multiple alkaloids. These components can induce plants enhance its immunity before infection. Also,  it induce plants making a pest repellent effect. QQ farming targets filamentous fungi, such as powdery mildew and rice blast, as well as spider mites, whiteflies, aphids, scale insects, and armyworms.

(Ibaraki) Usage example at strawberry farmersWe succeeded in increasing the yield and strengthening the antioxidant effect on strawberry. In addition, we did the first non-pesticide cultivation in strawberry in Japan.

フザリウム対策, 無農薬, 有機栽培, オーガニック

(Fukuoka) Example of use at tomato farmers

In order to solve the problems of soil fatigue and poor work by pesticide and repeated cultivation. QQ Farming was adopted. Tomato seedlings became healthy and bore many fruits.

フザリウム対策, 無農薬, 有機栽培, オーガニック

Method of repelling and exterminating pests
without harming humans and livestock

QQ farming acts selectively on the glycoproteins of pests and causes degeneration of conformation. In addition, the adjustment of plant sugar and humic component acts on the nerve sites of pests to block transmission. These functions enable extermination of pests over a wide spectrum. It targets pest insects such as spider mites, aphids, scale insects, and armyworms, as well as Aschelminthes, including nematodes. In practically, all components are plant extracts that are completely harmless to humans and livestock. The components in the product undergo autolysis and become nutrients for soil bacteria and are effective in maintaining the correct balance of soil bacteria and in increasing beneficial microbes.

松くい虫対策, 線虫対策, 有機栽培, 無農藥, オーガニック

(Masuda City) Application example of measures against pine nymphs

In order to combat the pine nymphs that cause pine wilt disease, QQ Farming was implemented. As a result, the pine trees became energetic, and a lot of sprouts that could not be seen so far.

Improvement in quality and increases in yield

QQ Farming aims to let plants growing in a heathy and nature environment. It emits terahertz wave which is the necessary wave during plants are growing. Furthermore, terahertz wave can turn molecules into unimolecular which allow plants absorbing nutrition easier than the original one. Thus, QQ farming can increase crop yield.

(Kagoshima) Example of use in tea fields

In tea farmers, the timing of germination is earlier than usual, and the yield has increased 1.3 times.
(In 2016 the yield was 430kg, after used QQ Farming in 2017 the yield become 590kg, and 2018 was 530kg).

Sustainable use of soil resources

Nowadays, most of farmers raising crops with using pesticide.

At the beginning, only use a small amount pesticide, then can achieve the expectation effect. However, after repeated used pesticide, pathogens and pests start to have strong resistance of medicine. Soil oxidized. Therefore, the effect of medicine become weak, and farmers need to use more and more pesticide, but the plants immunity become weaker than before.

In the end, it leads to not only a reduction in crop yield, but also environmental destruction. Once the environment has been broken, it take long time to recover to the status of original nature.

フザリウム対策, 松くい虫対策, 線虫対策, 有機栽培, 無農藥
フザリウム対策, 松くい虫対策, 線虫対策, 有機栽培, 無農藥

The first 6 months

1 year

1 year and half

2 years

フザリウム対策, 松くい虫対策, 線虫対策, 有機栽培, 無農藥

Contrary to pesticide farming, QQ Farming focuses on soil improvement, and aiming to make optimum environment for agricultural products and for all creatures. Once the soil environment improved, the usage amount of QQ Farming will decrease automatically.

As a result, QQ Farming is able to sustain optimal soil environment semi-permanently without destroying anything.

Normal Farming

QQ Farming