Super cleaning power electrolytic water

Tera Helper   CL-100


Tera Helper

Tera helper contain only food soda, and made by unique electrolytic technology. 

Compared to synthetic detergents and soaps, it has the same or better detergency.

Inorganic substance, cause 0 BOD and COD, only use water is able to decompose
Tera Helper. It do not give any burden to environment.

Do not cause any load for the microorganism of biodegradation.

Unique cleaning principle

Electrolytic cleaning with baking soda does not use conventional surfactants, but uses the minus ions of electrons generated from Tera Helper.

Dirt adheres to the surface of the object.

Minus ion electrons bond to dirt and the object which dirt adhered.

Finally, the dirt away from the object
is finely dispersed by the electrical repulsion.

Since the dirt and the surface of object has electrons of minus ions, electrical repulsion occurs and the dirt is separated from the object.

Strong pesticide cleaning power

Pesticide was added to the apple and it was confirmed that the pesticide could be removed by Tera helper.

To comparison, the pesticide on the control group did not be removed by water. 

Easy removal of stubborn dirt

Cigarette smoke stains on the wall

Oil stains in the kitchen

Tea stains adhere in a cup

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