Health maintenance backup

Tera Support  A20ACA-717


Tera Support is

A new technology that is completely different from the physical activity of existing far-infrared treatment.
Terahertz water produced by the fusion of plant minerals and water, that approach to every corner of body to maintain health.

Tera Support is developed to pursuit such possibilities.

Tera Support is made by safety materials such as plants contain calcium and carbon.

Using our unique processing technology, we have succeeded in refining these minerals into a structure that can generates terahertz waves. This wave is suitable for bio-electric fields and release stably.


A characteristic of terahertz waves emitted by Tera support is that it can be absorbed by mutual movement of the amino acids that make up protein.

When body absorb terahertz waves, it turn to a energy that support our daily life.

Features of Tera Support


The raw materials are only plant minerals. (calcium, carbon, etc.)


Do not contain
chemical medicine,

radioactive elements,

toxicity and irritation.


In multiple clinical experiments that

confirm thermal effect.


Can be sprayed directly to animals and people.


Can be processed on clothing and bedding.

Confirm thermal effect