News report of Niigata city about QQ Farming technology.

Niigata city's news report about QQ Farming technology. It mentioned that QQ Farming only us terahertz and mineral to cultivate crops and avoid bugs instead of using pesticide and chemical. 

QQ Ceramic in deep frying oil.

A steak house putted QQ ceramic into their frying oil, and everyday 17:30~22:30 continue using it to do fried-food in 170°. After one month, the fluidity of oil was still good, and it do not have stink. The amount of using oil reduced hugely.  

(MC water is the technical name of QQ water) 

QQ Farming in tea.

After using QQ farming, the color of leaves were more saturated. Soil become more soft. Moreover, sprouts appeared two weeks earlier than the average year. Finally, total yield was 26% higher than the average year, and 1 kg tea's sales was 100 JPY increased.  

QQ Technology in livestock.


The cow farmer in the video is using QQ ceramic for cow's drinking water, in order to let cows absorbing nutrition easier. And using Tera Protect for disinfectant instead of antibiotic. Especially, Tera Protect is totally safe even spray into eyes.

(MC water is the technical name of QQ water) 

QQ Farming in tomato.

After using pesticide for many years, tomato the farmer face to continuous cropping obstacle and limited effect of pesticide. 

QQ Farming help him address these problems. Trees become healthier, and produce more fruits.

QQ Farming in Rose.

After experience fail of using pesticide in last year. The farmer decide using QQ Farming. The result showed that bugs and disease did not occur. More flowers bloomed. The farmer implemented completely free of pesticides rose garden.

(MC water is the technical name of QQ water) 

QQ Farming in rice.

Rice farmers tested QQ farming in Niigata county. The test result was not only free using of pesticide, but also the rice's stalk which using QQ farming were stronger than using normal cultivated rice. QQ Farming address rice's weak wind resistance problem.

QQ Technology in livestock.


The chicken farmer putted QQ ceramic into fowl's drinking water. After 6 months, egg's shell become harder than before put QQ ceramic, and egg's quality increased. Moreover, egg laying rate raise up, and chicken's healthy condition is very well.