Chemical Free Future-oriented Disinfectant

Tera・Protect   CAC-717


What is Tera・Protect?

Chemical medicine free disinfectant

The materials of plant minerals(mesoscopic structure) emit Terahertz waves at a specific size
(50-500 nm), that can increase water pH without using chemical medicine.

Effect of inactivate microorganism

The special mesoscopic structure of calcium hydrogen carbonate is able to produce high voltage and change water pH to over pH 12. It has double effect to inactivate pathogens.

Harmless to human, animals and environment

Tera Protect was examined by many safety test, and results showed that it do not cause any irritation and do not contain any toxicity. It is even harmless to spray on eyes and skin.

The mechanism of high pH of Tera Protect

Tera Protect maintains its strong alkalinity of over pH 12 through the self-electromotive force and hydrogen storage action by the characteristics of meso-structure. It has surfactant and hydrolytic action even though it does not contain chemicals such as caustic soda. Therefore, it is totally harmless. There is four steps to show how Tera Protect works.

Water is usually composed of H2O molecules and has neutral properties.
 (PH = 7)

The meso-structure emit electricity, then separate H2O into H+ and OH-.

The H+ (hydrogen atom) were absorbed and storage by meso-structure.

As a result, when OH- ion more than H+ ion, the water pH increased.

The mechanism of Tera Protect inactivate pathogen 

Envelope of amino acid


High pH loosens the chain of amino acids.

Mineral in meso structure radiates terahertz waves and completely destroys to the genome.

The mineral of meso structure keeps sterilizing effect even after drying.

Tera protect and virus particle observation image

With no treatment, normal viral particles are observed interspersed.

The size is 40.1 ± 1.1 nm.

In CAC - 717 treatment, no normal viral particles are observed.

Mouse norovirus, negative staining image.

USA FDA Medical Device registration

Tera Protect

Classification: sterilization, medical equipment

Device class: class I

Product code: sterilization, medical equipment (general sterilization)

Registration number: 3014345730

Regulation number: 880.6980 (General use of various hospitals and individuals, sterilization for general purpose)

Owner number: 10052013

World’s only prion protein inactivated succeed

Sandwich ELISA
Western blotting
Immunohistochemical detection 

Third party data

Confirm of inactivate virus bacteria, confirm of safety、Dissertation and academic seminar

2018 Prion seminar 
IUMS 2017 Singapore seminar 
2017 Prion seminar 
Tokyo University
Professor Onodera
Publishing dissertation in
Veterinary Medical Science
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